Australian Music

  • Vic Sabrino

  • Music

    The first Rock’n’roll exploitation film Rock Around the Clock was released.
  • Period: to

    Australian Music

  • Bill Haley

    Rock’n’roll took off in Australia
  • Johnny O'Keefe

    Released ‘The Wild One’.
  • Surf Music

    The international surf music boon launched the next phase of Australian music.

    These major international labels began investing in the local industry
  • The Beat Boom

    The Beatles tour revolutionised the Australian music industry.
  • Easybeats/Normie Rowe

    Australian artists and their influence in England
  • Countdown

    Countdown / Double J (baby boomers)
  • Double J

    Double J started broadcasting
  • Triple J

    Double J became Triple J when the FM band was finally opened
  • Australian Music

    Exodus of Australian music
  • Australian Music

    Music-related activities added $1.55 billion value to Australian economy.
  • Film

    Most cities and suburbs had access to a picture theatre.
  • Australian Economy

    Added $6.82 billion to the Australian economy
  • Easy to Love

    2010 Hottest100
  • Gotye

    Gotye made number 1 on the Australian top 20