Australian Migration

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    Australian Immigration

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    australian immigation

  • white australia policy

    immigration restriction act was aimed at excluding non-white migrants, and did so by requiring migrants to pass a dictation test which could be set in any language chosen by a customs officer
  • Post second world war

    Many of theses post-war migrants pllayed key roles in building infrastructure, including housing construction and the massive snowy mountains Hydro-Electric scheme.
  • More diverse migration

    there was a large influx of immigrants from south east asia during the 1970s [some arriving as boat people] a response to the upheavals and unrest taking place in countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos at this time
  • Migration

    the 1970s and 1980s was also a time when multi-culturalism became a stong focus of policy, emphasising the benifits of supporting cultural divesity and identity, while maintaining social cohesion
  • immigration in the 21st century

    recent changes include morre targeted priority occupations and an increased emphasis on employer-sponsered migration