Australian History of Droughts

Timeline created by andrew.herlinger
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    Federation Drought (1895-1903)

    The Federation Drought saw almost half the cattle of Australia die and affected most areas of Australia.
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    1914-16 Drought

    Remembered for lack of water and failure of the Australian Wheat Crops. 19 million sheep and 2 million cattle died.
    One QLD town had to import water via train.
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    1918-1920 Drought.

    Affect most areas of Australia.
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    World War 2 Drought (1939-45)

    Nearly 30 million sheep died with 4 million in South Australia in just 2 years!
    It was also in this time that the first federal disaster fund occurred.
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    1963-1968 Drought

    After 5 dry years, the drought struck hard with a 40% drop in harvast of wheat plus 20 million sheep died.
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    A Powerful El Nino Drought

    A very strong El Nino event that proved it's legimentacy. The worst in the 20th century for rainfall defincies.
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    The Long El Nino

    The El Nino that came to stay saw 5 billion dollars lost in the economy and severly affected the rural areas of QLD.
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    Millienium Drought

    A drought with no reprieve ever, which affected the country and the Murray Basin