austin hardy

  • proclamation of 1763

    it forbaide setelrs from crosing the apilation mountains. and anger grew in colonists who belived they were dinied access to land that was rightfully theirs
  • navigation acts

    restricted colonial trade manufacturing and shiping
  • sugar act

    duty placed on sugar from the west indies to raise revenue for britain. colonial protests led to lower duties
  • stamp act

    requierd the use of stamped papper articles showing that tax has been paid. the stamp act was repealed
  • quartering act

    requierd colonies to provide food and shelter for british solders
  • townsend act

    light taxation on glass lead paperand tea
  • boston massacre

    british solders fired on an angy crowd, resulting in the death of 5 colonists:
  • boston tea party

    the sons of liberty dressed up as indians and dumped 342 cheasts of tea