Auguste comte

Auguste Comte 1798-1857

By JenaeL
  • Auguste Comte 1798-1857

    French philosopher, mathematician, and social scientist Auguste Comte was born on January 19th, 1798 in Montpellier, France to the parents of Louis-Auguste-Xavier Comte and Rosalie Boyer after the French revolution. During this time period skepticism was at a all time high, as time would progress Comte's desire to know more about society and the world around him would grow.
  • 1816 Student led revolt

    In 1816 during Comte's time at the engineering and science academy, `Ecole Polytechnique Auguste led a student protest against one of his tutors and was expelled. Shortly afterward Comte befriended some of the leading intellectuals in France like Marie Antoine Condorect. This friendship and the earlier student-led revolt further shaped his Ideologies and contributions to science.
  • The concept of Positivism

    In 1826, Comte began to create a social doctrine that is based on scientific principles which would later be known as the concept of Positivism. Positivism is the idea that only scientific truth is the real truth.
  • The Religion of Humanity

    After the divorce from his first wife, Augste fell in love with Clotide de Vaux a married french aristocrat and writer. Following her death in 1846 Comte became inspired and wrote the "Systems of Positive Polity and also began the formulation of The Religion of Humanity; which focused heavily on charity, order, and science.
  • The death and legacy of Auguste Comte Auguste Comte died of Stomach Cancer in Paris, France on September 5, 1857. His work was devoted to the betterment of society, Comte has influenced those after him and generations to come.