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Auguste Comte Timeline

  • The Birth Of Auguste Comte

    The Birth Of Auguste Comte
    Auguste Comte The French philosopher Birth name isIsidore-Auguste-Marie-François-Xavier Comte A Great Philosopher Montpellier France Known as Founder of Sociology & Posivitism. Comte's Father Louis Comte Was a Tax Official & his Mother Rosalie Boyer Were strong Royalist & deeply Sincere Roman Catholics. But Thier Sympathy were at the odds of republicanism and skepticism In the aftermath of the french revolution.
  • Comte Goes to School In Paris

    Comte Goes to School In Paris
    Auguste Comte joined École Polytechnique a School In paris in 1814 That was Founded In 1794 To train Military Engineers But was transformed into a general school for General Scientist . the School Was temporarily closer In 1816 But Comte Soon took Residence in Paris, earning a living Teach Mathematics & Journalism. He Read Widely in philosophy & History & Was interested In Those Who thinkers who was beginning to discern & trace some order in Human Society.
  • Comte's Series Of lectures

    Comte's Series Of lectures
    In 1826 Comte began a series of lectures on the system of Positive Philosophy For a Private Audience But he soon suffered a nervous Breakdown. He made almost a complete recovery of his symptoms the following year, and in 1828/29 he again took up his projected lecture series. This was successfully Concluded that he delivered it to the Royal Athenaeum During 1829-30.
  • Auguste Teaching & Marriage Carriage

    Auguste Teaching & Marriage Carriage
    From 1832 to 1842 Comte was a tutor and then an examiner at the revived École Polytechnique. In the latter year he quarreled with the directors of the school and lost his post, along with much of his income. During the remainder of his life he was supported in part by English admirers such as John Stuart Mill and by French disciples, especially the philologist and lexicographer Maximilien Littré. Comte married Caroline Massin in 1825, but the marriage was unhappy they separated in 1842.
  • The Death of Auguste Comte

    The Death of Auguste Comte
    Auguste Comte lived a Long historical life of developing Theory's and creating New Ideas for Sociology. He inspired the Design For the Brazilian Flag, Developed philosophy in ways no other Could and created a new way to live Life. I Admire him fro Being a Frenchman from Paris and to live such a great life was a Discovery in science we will never find again.