Auguste Comte 1798-1857

  • Auguste Comte Was Born

    Auguste Comte Was Born
    Born into a catholic family in France, Auguste was a French Philosopher known for being the founder of positivism. Positivism is believing only valid knowledge is knowledge gained through the scientific method. He is also known for founding sociology, his hope was to unify all sciences under sociology.
  • Lectures

    Comte started teaching Course of Positive Philosophy. He was presenting this course to the most famous scientists of the time. Sadly, his teachings got interrupted due to a health condition.
  • Publications

    Comte began his publication of the Course, which entailed six volumes. The first three volumes examine Comte's six fundamental sciences, mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology and sociology. The last three volumes deal with social sciences. The course contains the law of the three stages which state humanity passes through three successive stages: the theological, the metaphysical, and the positive.
  • Course of Positive Philosophy

    Course of Positive Philosophy
    This is Comte's most famous course. It pursued two goal, the first being social physics: a foundation for sociology. The second goal being a coordination of a whole of positive knowledge.
  • Named Tutor

    Auguste Comte was named a tutor in analysis and mechanics at École Polytechnique.
  • Founded the Religion of Humanity

    Founded the Religion of Humanity
    Comte founded a religion based around Humanity. It is a sociology that was created to be looked at for knowledge.
  • Subjective Synthesis

    He published his first volume on the philosophy of mathematics.
  • Auguste Comte's Death

    He died of stomach cancer before being able to finish his planned work.