AUD408:Time Frame - IJaleel

By IJaleel
  • Group Meeting

    First group meeting to decide which audio projects we wanted to work together on as well as a basic timeline on how we would achieve them.
  • Period: to

    Week 3 - 15

  • Studio Recording - Guide Tracks (Guitars)

  • ADR - Get files required files from studio

  • Period: to

    ADR - Add SFX

  • Period: to

    Radio - Track, Mix, add SFX

    During the process of tracking and mixing all the members of the group will collaborate to ensure that there is flow from segment to segment as well as make sure that the whole show is cohesive and has continuity
  • Studio Recording - Overdubs (Drums)

  • Studio Recording - Overdubs (Guitars, Bass, Vocals)

    If both tracks aren't fully recorded by Week 6 we will come back to them in Week 9 as we have the proficiency exam in Week 7 and Week 8 is Assessment Week however if the studio is available we might utilise this time for tracking
  • * Proficiency Test

  • Period: to

    Studio Recording - Mixing & Mastering

  • Radio - Interview

    Radio interview to be recorded in WA while I'm visiting one of my former artists who lives there
  • ADR - Record voice overs as required

  • Period: to

    ADR - Finish mixing (except 5.1 panning)

  • ADR - Utilise Studio for 5.1 Panning

    If need be utilise studio for finalising the 5.1 panning and or 5.1 effects the following week i.e. week 14
  • Radio - Compile all segments

    Get files for the other 3 radio segments followed by mastering and finalization of the radio show
  • Period: to

    ADR - Finishing touches + Mastering

  • Period: to

    Radio - Master the show

  • Period: to

    Finalise DVD for submission