Atomic theory

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    Claimed that the world was made up of an "infinite number of atoms" that are all different shapes and substances
  • Isaac Newton

    Proposed that there was a mechanical universe with tiny solid masses in motion
  • John Dalton

    John Dalton
    Believed that there were small spherical atoms in motion based on measurable properties in mass
  • Micheal Faraday

    Micheal Faraday
    " Studied the effect of electricity on solutions, coined term "electrolysis" as a splitting of molecules with electricity, developed laws of electrolysis. Faraday himself was not a proponent of atomism. those words came from this website "
  • J. Plucker

    J. Plucker
    built one of the first gas discharge tubes
  • Dmitri mendlevee

    Created the periodic law based on "were periodic functions of the their atomic weights'
  • James Clerk Maxwell

    propsed that the electric and magnetic feild fills void
  • Sir William Crookes

    "Discovered cathode rays had the following properties: travel in straight lines from the cathode; cause glass to fluoresce; impart a negative charge to objects they strike; are deflected by electric fields and magnets to suggest a negative charge; cause pinwheels in their path to spin indicating they have mass. " those words came from this website
  • E. Goldstein

    used canal rays which had electrical and magnetic properties opposite of an electron
  • G.J. Stoney

    Proposed that electrical charges were made up of dicrete particles that were charged negatively that were called electrons
  • R.A. Millican

    "Oil drop experiment determined the charge (e=1.602 x 10 -19 coulomb) and the mass (m = 9.11 x 10 -28 gram) of an electron. "
  • Ernest Rutherford

    Using alpha particles as atomic bullets, probed the atoms in a piece of thin (0.00006 cm) gold foil . He established that the nucleus was: very dense,very small and positively charged. He also assumed that the electrons were located outside the nucleus.
  • Niels Bohr

    he made an explantion of the layout of atomic structure that underlies the regularaties of the perdiodic table
  • de Broglie

    discovered that electrons had dual nature to both wave particles and wave duality, this theory was supported by Einstein
  • Heisenburg

    Described atoms by means of formula connected to the frequencies of spectral lines. Proposed Principle of Indeterminancy - you can not know both the position and velocity of a particle.
  • Paul Dirac

    Proposed anti-particles . Anderson discovered the anti-electron (positron) in 1932 and Segre/Chamberlain detected the anti-proton in 1955
  • Enrico Fermi

    Made the first controlled chain reaction by releasing energy in the nucleus