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Atomic History

By SwaG
  • John Dalton's Birth

  • Period: to

    John Dalton Lifetime

  • Experimental Essays

    Dalton presented important papers on the constitution of mixed gases, on the pressure of steam, and on the thermal expansion of gases.
  • Anouncement of Atomic Theory

    Dalton's first anouncement of his famous atomic theory.
  • Atomic Weight

    Dalton printed his first published table of relative atomic weights.
  • Dalton's 1st Stroke

    This was the first dtroke leading to Dalton's death.
  • Dalton's 2nd Stroke

    The second of Dalton's strokes which left him with a speech impediment.
  • Dalton's Death

    A major stroke the day before and he fell out of his bed and was found by his assistant.
  • J.J. Thomson's Birth

  • Period: to

    J.J. Thomson Lifetime

  • Rutherford Born

  • Period: to

    Earnest Rutherford Lifetime

  • Thomson Becomes Professor at Cavendish

  • Bohr's Birth

  • Period: to

    Neis Bohr Lifetime

  • Thomson Married to Rose Paget

  • Chadwick's Birth

  • Period: to

    James Chadwick Lifetime

  • Thomson's First Son George

  • Thomson Discovers the Electron

  • Rutherford Discovers Rays on Radioactive Materials

  • Rutherford Discovers Radon, a Radioative Gas

  • Rutherford Awarded the Rumford Medal

  • Thomson Awarded nobel Peace Prize for Discovery of Electron

  • Rutherford Awarded Nobel Peace Prize in Chemistry

  • Rytherford Announces Nuclear Model of the Atom

  • Bohr Gets Married

  • Chadwick Made Assistant to Rutherford

  • Bohr Awarded Nobel Peace Prize for Physics

  • Chadwick Proves Existence of the Neutron

  • Chadwick Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

  • Rutherford's Death

  • Thomson's Death

  • Bohr Presented Atoms for Peace Award

  • Bohr's Death

  • Chadwick's Death