• Birth

    September 7, 1972 Slug, the rapping member in Atmosphere who is formaly known as Sean Daley was born 1972 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Vietnam War

     Vietnam War
    Sean Daley was 3 when the Vietnam War ended. I feel the war may haved confusesd and stressed him and his family, negitively impacting his early childhood. This event could have had some effect on what Daley thought obout people and their actions,
  • Overcast! EP (1997)

    Overcast! EP (1997)
    Daley's first album was Overcast EP. It came out in 1997 and would be the first of 13 total that would be produce. The lyrical theems in most of his albums had to do with his problems with wemon, alcohol, veiws on hip hop, family and war.
  • Parents

    Children with devorcing parentsWhen Daley was a teenager his mother and father divorced. I feel this must have had a major influene on his life and later his music. Most children that go through devorce have major emotional problems as they get older. I bet some of his inspiration for his music came from this life event.
  • Compact Cassette Tapes

    Compact Cassette Tapes
    In the year 1990 Daley turned 18 and would have started useing Compact Cassette Tapes to record his music. This whould be a major improvement from useing records.
  • WWW

    The internetIn 1993 the world wide web opened to the public. This new resorce would begin the spred of various artists like atmosphere through out the contry. Daley would start to become more well known and soon be able to sell his music within the next decade. his first avalible mp3 album download was in 2001.
  • Parent hood 1

    Parent hood 1
    In the year of 1994 Daley had his first child. He was 22 at the time. His maturity leval was tha of a kid, as he stated himself in an inerview with the Bullitin on it's frequency music blog. Daley was probably not ready for parent hood.
  • 911

    911 memorial The destruction of the twin towers was a widely known event that could have influenced daley's music. Many familys were negitively effected by the attack, having their loved ones die. Communities were put into shock and alot of people with their views on forign affair changed compleatly.
  • Yesterday

    Yesterday, By: AtmosphereThe song yesterday was released april 22, 2008 in the album single, "When life gives you lemons." The song expresses Daley relationship with his dad that pased away.
  • Parent hood 2

    Parent hood 2
    In this year Daley had his second child. He was 38 at the time. He was much older and more capable of taking care of a kid. Daley was not as preasured. His wife helped and he didn't have to work as many jobs.