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Atlanta Falcons Timeline AHS7

  • 1965

    Joins the NFL. Originally was going to join AFL but didnt want to. AFL signed the Miami Dolphins.
  • First team in deep south

    The Atlanta Falcons become the first professional football team to be located in the deep south.
  • Jersey Meanings

    Jersey Meanings
    Atlanta Falcons mix the Georgia Bulldogs and Georgia Tech yellow jackets to form uniforms.
  • Monday Night

    Atlanta Falcons have first Monday Night Football game. Played the Miami Dolphins would end up losing 20-7.
  • Falcons have record crowd in playoff game.

    Falcons have record crowd in playoff game.
    Falcons set a home record of 59,793 people at a game in 1980 as they lost to the Cowboys in the playoffs.
  • Tv and Radio deals

    Falcons sign a 10 year deal with Tv channel CBS and 5 year deals with many local stations around the Atlanta area.
  • 2002 Season

    2002 Season
    Every game in the 2002 season was sold out due in part to new ownership with Arthur Blank and new quarter back Michael Vick.
  • New ownership

    Arthur Blank buys Falcons and has 90% ownership. 10% goes to nine others. Blank started home depot to acquire his money.
  • Michael Vick Jersey

    Michael Vick has the all time leading selling jersey ever. Passed Troy Aikman.
  • 2008-Present

    Atlanta Falcons draft Matt Ryan and hire new head coach Mike Smith. Have not missed playoffs or had a losing record since.