ATA Timeline

Timeline created by shmemilyshmiller
  • IBM reveiled the 80286-powered IBM PC AT

  • Western Digital & Compaq developed a new hard drive interface, which put out ATA's interface

  • ATA-2 was adopted.

    These features were called EIDE (Enhanced IDE)
  • Parallel and Serial ATA

    An interface called ATA appeared that now virtually monopolizes the hard drive market.
  • Data Encoding

    Hard drives began using a data encoding system known as run length limited
  • A new set of BIOS commands were made by Phoenix Technologies.

  • ATA-3 was adopted

  • ATA-4 was adopted

  • ATA-5 was adopted

  • Period: to

    Every system made between these years supported INT13 extensions.

  • ATA-6 was adopted.

  • ATX

  • ATA-7 was adopted.

  • UPS

    Low end and the very high end of UPS products