Articles of Confederation

By NMark17
  • Articles Developed

    A committe appointed by congress drew up a plan for the new US government. The Articles established a confederation with a weak central gov't and strong state governments.
  • Ratification

    On the first of March 1781, the thirteen states had ratified the Articles as the new government setup.
  • Second Treaty of Paris

    One achievement during the Articles was the Second Treaty of Paris which formally ended the Revolutionary War. This treaty also made Great Britian regonize the US as an independent country.
  • Ressesion

    The poor power the central government had over the economy and unpaid war dept led to an economic ression in the US. This would help to inspire Shays rebellion not to far in the future.
  • Period: to

    Shays Rebellion

    Farmers upset with the governemt taking their money and homes staged an uprising in Massachusetts. Led by a man named Daniel Shays, they planned to lay siege to Boston. Quickly though was the militia of Massachusetts to take out the rebellion and restablish order. The central government though was shaken by the revolt.
  • Constitutional Convention Starts

    The constitutional convention begins with many of the delegates suggesting the the Articles be dropped and a new government be created
  • Northwest Ordinance Passed

    One of the greatest achievements during the Articles was the Northwest Ordinance, which established that the territories owned to the northwest would be developed for statehood on equal basis with the older states.
  • Constitution Signed/ Articles Dropped

    The constitution is signed by the majority of delegates at the covention. The Articles would soon be dropped shortly After.