Arthur Miller

  • Arthur Miller's Birth

    Arthur Miller was born October 17, 1915 in The United States of America New York
  • Arthur Miller goes to a University

    Arthur Miller went to the University of Michigan on 1932
  • Arthur Miller works

    Arthur Miller worked with his father in an autoparts warehouse to pay for his education
  • Arthur Miller's inspiration

    Arthur Miller thought of becoming a writer after reading, "The Brothers Karamazov" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • Arthur Miller's new jobs

    Arthur Miller started working as a dishwasher an a night editor at a newspaper to further help him pay for his own education.
  • Arthur Miller's University Graduation

    Arthur Miller graduates from the university of Michigan with many rewards for playwriting
  • Period: to

    Arthur Miller's First Marriage

    Arthur Miller married Mary Grace Slattery on 1940 and later got divorced on 1956
  • Arthur Miller's first child

    Arthur Miller's first child Jane Doyle was born
  • Arthur Miller's First Public Success

    Arthur Miller's first public success was with "Focus", a novel about anti-Semitism.
  • Arthur Miller second child

    Arthur Miller had his second child, which is also his first son, Robert Miller
  • Period: to

    Arthur Miller's Second Marriage

    Arthur Miller married Marilyn Monroe on 1956 and later divorced on 1961
  • Arthur Miller's third child

    Arthur Miller had his third child, Rebecca Miller
  • Period: to

    Arthur Miller's Third Marriage

    Arthur Miller married Inge Morath on 1962 and later divorced on 2002
  • Arthur Miller's last child

    Arthur Miller had his last child, Daniel Miller
  • Arthur Miller's Death

    Arthur Miller died February 10, 2005 in the United States of America in Roxbury, Connecticut (age 89)