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Aretha Franklin

  • Period: 1942 BCE to

    Who is it?

    was an American soul, R&B, and gospel singer. Nicknamed "Lady Soul" or "Queen of Soul", she was one of the greatest representatives of this genre.
  • As a child

    As a child
    She began her musical career as a child, inspired by Laura Holtbernd. Her story goes that from a very young age the great talented, but at the same time unknown, Holtbernd traveled a lot. Aretha felt identified with her, because by traveling so much she could not form a large group of friends or a stable life, but she could take music with her.
  • Childhood and training

    Childhood and training
    His mother Barbara broke up their marriage due to Clarence's constant infidelities and violence, including sexual abuse against a girl from his Baptist congregation, whom he impregnated leading to the birth of Carl Ellan Kelley (née Jennings) in 1940, a few days after the mother turned thirteen.
  • Goods

    Soul, funk, gospel, pop, pop rock, jazz and rhythm and blues
  • Artistic development

    Artistic development
    Franklin's gospel roots were one of the most personal and influential traces in her career. With his sisters Carolyn Franklin and Erma Franklin (both also maintained solo careers) he sang at the Detroit Baptist Church (New Bethel Baptist Church), founded and run by his father, C. L. Franklin, a Baptist preacher, nicknamed "The Million Dollar Voice" and one of the main confidants of leader Martin Luther King.
  • Stage at Columbia and Harmony

    Stage at Columbia and Harmony
    After a time in which Aretha began to be considered a young prodigy, it was said that Motown was interested in signing her, but she finally signed with Columbia Records, under the direction of John Hammond.
  • Period: to

    Soul revolution

    When Aretha left Columbia (now Sony) to sign with Atlantic Records, producer Jerry Wexler set out to bring out all the soul she had inside.
  • Evolution towards new times

    Evolution towards new times
    In the late 60s and early 70s, Aretha began to make versions of rock, pop and soul songs that had already been great hits; among them, songs by The Beatles such as "Let it be" or "Eleanor Rigby", and Simon & Garfunkel, such as their version as famous as the original of "Bridge over troubled water"; or soul artists such as Sam Cooke or The Drifters.
  • Parents

    C. L. Franklin Ver y modificar los datos en Wikidata Barbara Siggers Franklin
  • the first

    the first
    she became the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • son

    He has four children
  • Instrument

    Piano and vocals
  • Nickname

    Queen of soul
  • Personal life

    Personal life
    She was divorced twice, and was the mother of four children. Two of them, Kecalf and Teddy, work in the world of music. Teddy was the artistic director and director of Aretha's band of musicians on her tours, as well as playing electric guitar.
  • death

    Aretha Franklin died on August 16, 2018 at her home in Michigan at the age of 76 from pancreatic cancer that she had suffered from for years.