APUSH New Deal Timeline - Krishtyn Humphrey

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    New Deal Programs

  • Emergency Banking Act

    Emergency Banking Act
    Gave FDR broad powers over banks and foreign exchange. Bank holiday ends, and banks can reopen when they prove that they are solvent. Within three days, 1000 banks will reopen and national confidence picks up. Recovery
  • Reforestation Relief Act

    Reforestation Relief Act
    Established the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), and provided work for 250k in reforestation, road construction and developing national parks. Recovery
  • National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)

    National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)
    Established the Public Works Administration (PWA) and the National Recovery Administration (NRA). The PWA supervises the construction of roads, public buildings and other projects while providing employment.
    The NRA's goal is to stimulate competition and benefit producers/consumers by implementing codes to create fair trade (used blue Eagle). Recovery, Relief Reform
  • 21st Amendment

    21st Amendment
    Repealed the 18th Amendment and ended prohibition. Reform
  • Gold Reserve Act

    Gold Reserve Act
    It gave the government power to control the fluxuatoins of the U.S. dollar. Recovery
  • Indian Reorganization Act

    Indian Reorganization Act
    Encouraged tribes to establish local self-government and preserve native culture; helped stop loss of Indian lands, revived tribes’ interest in own culture, not all Indians happy, some denounced as measure that sought to make them museum pieces; 77 tribes refused to organize their provisions, but 200 others did establish governments. Reform Reform
  • National Housing Act

    National Housing Act
    Authorizes Federal Housing Administration (FHA), which was stimulated by small loans to householders to improve homes & for building new ones, very popular, one of few agencies that lasted past FDR. Relief
  • Frazier-Lemke Farm Bankruptcy Act

    Frazier-Lemke Farm Bankruptcy Act
    Possible suspension of mortgage foreclosures for 5 years but voided by Supreme Court; revised law liming period to 3yrs passed. Recovery, Relief
  • Emergency Relief Appropriation Act

    Emergency Relief Appropriation Act
    Authorized almost five billion for immediate relief and increased employment on "useful projects," one of which is the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Relief
  • Resettlement Administration (RA)

    Resettlement Administration (RA)
    Meant help farm families relocate and furnish loans and new projects. Relief, Recovery
  • Wagner Act

    Wagner Act
    Created new National Labor Relations Board for administration purposes and reasserted rights of labor to self-organize; led by John L. Lewis--boss of United Mine Workers-- he succeeded in forming Committee for Industrial Organization (CIO) within ranks of skilled-craft American Federation of Labor, but skilled workers didn’t have much sympathy for unskilled workers (esp blacks). Recovery, RElief, Reform Reform, Relief, Recovery
  • Social Security Act

    Social Security Act
    Provided for federal-state unemployment insurance, security for old age, some retired workers were to receive regular payments from the government, financed by payroll tax on employers/employees, provisions for blind, physically handicapped, delinquent kids, other dependent. Republicans bitterly opposed. Reform
  • Revenue Act

    Revenue Act
    Increased taxes on inheritances, gifts and higher income individuals. Recovery
  • Supreme Court Retirement Act

    Supreme Court Retirement Act
    Permitted Supreme Court Justices to retire at 70 with full pay. Reform
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (Wages and Hours Bill)

    Fair Labor Standards Act (Wages and Hours Bill)
    Industries involved in interstate commerce were to set up minimum wage and max hours; goals were $.40/hr & 40hr weeks, kids under 16 not allowed to work; many industrialists opposed especially southern textiles who profited from low-wage labor, but exclusion of agricultural/service/domestic workers meant that blacks, Mexicans, women didn’t benefit from act. Recovery, Relief, Reform Recovery, Reform, Relief
  • Hatch Act

    Hatch Act
    Barred federal administrative offices, except highest policy-making officers, from active political campaigning/soliciting; forbade use of government funds for political purposes, and collection of campaign contributions from people receiving relief payments; placed limits on campaign contributions/expenditures; people found ways around it. Reform