Apple vs microsoft

Apple Vs. Microsoft

  • Beginning of Apple

    Steve Jobs and Wozniak meet each other.
  • Beginning of Microsoft

    Bill Gates starts Microsoft along with Bill Allen. MITS Computer buy first computer language program from Microsoft.
  • Apple 1

    Wozniak starts working on Apple 1.
  • Apple Starts

    Apple is founded by Wozniak ,Jobs ,and Wayne.
  • Apple 2

    Apple 2 is offered to the public.
  • The Lisa Project

    Lisa Project initiated. It is named after Lisa, Steve Jobs’ daughter whom he rejects at first.
  • Development of Lisa

    15 Xerox employees work on Lisa Project.
  • IBM & Microsoft

    IBM uses Microsoft OS. This was a 16 bit OS for IBM. This was IBM’s first personal computer.
  • Lisa Project Development

    Lisa is offered to public.
  • Microsoft UK

    Microsoft UK is started.
  • Microsoft Mouse

    Microsoft Mouse is initiated. Microsoft Mouse is for the MS-DOS. This year Paul Allen resigns from his EXEC VP position, and Jon Shirley becomes president.
  • Sculley

    Pepsico’s John Sculley is hired as CEO of Apple.
  • IBM & Microsoft

    IBM and Microsoft sign a joint development agreement.
  • Microsoft & Jobs

    Microsoft is allowed to use Mac technology & Jobs is fired.
  • Microsoft Stock Market Debut

    Microsoft offers stock, each stock was worth $21.
  • Microsoft Stock Market Debut

    Microsoft offers stock, each stock was worth $21.
  • Microssoft V 2.03

    Microsoft release V 2.03 with many improvements taken from Mac.
  • Microsoft CEO

    Michael Hallman is promoted to CEO. Jon Shirley retires as CEO. Microsoft becomes first PC software firm to surpass $ 1 B.
  • Windows V 3.0

    Windows 3.0 released.
  • Bil Gates Awarded

    National Medal of Technology for Technological Achievement is given to Bill Gates.
  • Sculley

    Sculley joins Spectrum instead of Apple
  • Windows NT

    Windows NT is introduced by Microsoft
  • Vermeer Technologies

    Vermeer Technologies is bought by Microsoft. Frontpage was their application, which was also incorporated by Microsoft.
  • The return of Jobs

    Jobs returns to Apple after being fired a few years earlier.
  • Microsoft and 1994 Consent Decree

    Microsoft violates a consent decree.This 1994 decree violation was alleged by the US Department of Justice.
  • Microsoft & Sherman Act

    US Department of justice alleges Microsoft violates the Sherman Act. Two antitrust cases are filed against Microsoft.
  • New Releases

    XP & MAC OS X are released.
  • New Releases

    Xbox 360 & MacBook released.
  • Vista

    Vista Released
  • New Releases

    Windows 7 & IPad are released.