By MP1998
  • Apple Computer is born

    Apple Computer is born
    Steve Wozniak designed a computer ( Apple I) that Steve Jobs wanted to sell.This is when Apple computer (Apple's former name) was born.
  • Ronald Wayne leaves Apple

    Ronald Wayne leaves Apple
    1 of Apple's 3 co-founder left Apple on this day because he said this subject was not his passion. Also, he wanted to change the world on his own. When he sold his 10% of shares: $9600
    What he could've gotten today: $48.7 billion
  • Apple II

    Apple II
    This was the event that made people take Apple Computer seriously. This 8-bit computer was fast, inexpensive and easy to use, so it became a good chouce for consumers.
  • Wozniak's tragic event

    Wozniak's tragic event
    After having over 1000 employees, Wozniak was injured in a plane crash, leaving the burden of the company to Jobs.
  • iPhone release

    iPhone release
    Apple releases the 2nd best selling product ever (after rubics cube).
  • iPad release

    iPad release
    Steve Jobs finally got to release the product that had been delayed since 2002. After the release of the iPad, many other knock-off companies have tried to make tablets, never beating it.
  • Steve Jobs death

    Steve Jobs death
    American entrepreneur Steve Jobs dies because of respiratory arrest.
    This is one of the biggest things that has ever happened to Apple.
  • Johnny Ives promotion

    Johnny Ives promotion
    Johnny Ives takes the job of designing iOS from Forstall