Apartheid in South Africa

  • Mine strike

    Mine strike
    75 000 black mine workers strike, demanding better pay and work conditions. Strike put down by police and no demands were met. 21 mines shut down for 4 days.
  • National party wins election

    National party wins election
    The NP won the election by appealing to white voters and promising to implement Apartheid. D.F. Malan was appointed Prime Minister
  • D.F Maan

    D.F. Malan appointed prime minsiter
  • Prohibition of Mixed Marriage Act

    Act was passed that disallowed mixed marriages.
  • Population Rgistration Act

    people were classified as the different races
  • Group Areas Act

    Different ethinicities had to live apart from other other ethnicities and the same race with each other. Non-whites relocated to reerves. Mixed race families were forced apart.
  • Bantu Homelands Act

    Lands reserved for black Africans became independent nations.
  • Abolition of Pases and Cordination of Dcuments Ac

    Wrongly worded law REQUIRED blacks to carry passes and identification booklets
  • Bantu Education Act

    Separate Education for blacks and whites.
  • Sophiatown converted to white district

    Sophiatown converted to white district
    Under the Group Areas Act of 1913, the people of Sophiatown were evicted and sent to Soweto. Sophiatown then became a white area, "Triomf".
  • UDF Formed

    UDF Formed
    UDF (United Democratic Front) was founded.Gave coloured and Indian people representation. Opposed new constitution of that year.
  • Women protest at Union Buildings against pass laws

    Women protest at Union Buildings against pass laws
    20 000 women marched on the Union Buildings protesting against pass laws.
  • PAC founded

    PAC founded
    Robert Sobukwe is elected president of PAC. Because of his education, public speaking an intelligence he is able to rally support for the PAC.
  • Sharpeville Massacre

    Sharpeville Massacre
    Thousands of people marched on police station without permits as protest. led by Robert Sobukwe. Police killed 69 and injured 300 when they opened fire.
    ANC and PAC banned.
  • South Africa becomes a republic

    South Africa quit the Cmmonwealth.
  • Mandela imprisoned after the Rivonia Trial

    Mandela sentenced to life sentence along with other ANC Leaders.
  • District 6 declared a white district

  • Henrik Verwoerd assasinated inCape Town

    Assasinated by Dimitri in parliament
  • Soweto uprisings

    Soweto uprisings
    Because they had to be taught some of their subjects in Afrikaans at school and were afraid of doing even worse, 20 000 Soweto school children marched on Orlando stadium in protest. Police opened fire, killing two and sparking further riots that lasted a year. Eventually, government changed decision to make students study in Afrikaans. 176 people were killed, including Hector Peterson.