• Period: to


  • The first europeans settled at the cape.

  • The first frontier

    The Dutch farmers (the Boers) come into contact with the black farmers and the first frontier wars between black farmers and the Boers take place.
  • Britain takes the Cape Colony from the Dutch

  • A lot of wars takes place. Black VS. white people. the White steal the land from the blacks

  • Slavery is abolished. People are forced to give up their slaves

  • Diamonds are discovered and mining starts

  • The Transvaal Boers defeat the brtish

  • Gold Is discovered in Transvaal and mining begins

  • The second war

    The second war between them leads the british to conquer the boer republic
  • The union is formed

    the union of south africa is formed, leaving the white in power. Blacks cant wote
  • The Native Land Act

    The Native Lands Act gives 7.3% of the country's land to Africans, who make up 80% of the population. Africans are prohibited from owning land outside their region. Africans are allowed to be on white land only if they are working for whites.
  • Blacks lose the right to vote

    Blacks lose the right to vote in South Africa, retaining only a limited voice in choosing white leadership in the Cape Province
  • Less education to blacks

    fewer than 30% of Africans are receiving any formal education, and whites are earning over five times as much as Africans.
  • Mandela joins The African National Congress

    Mandela joins the African National Congress, South Africa's first black political group.
  • the big strike

    African mine workers are paid twelve times less than their white counterparts and are forced to do the most dangerous jobs. Over 75,000 Africans go on strike in support of higher wages. Police use violence to force the unarmed workers back to their jobs. Over 1000 workers are injured or killed.
  • Policy of apartheid

    Aprtheid is introduced by the National Party
  • Population registration act

    The first grand apartheid law which compelled people to live in separate places defined by there race.
  • Mandela is jailed

    Nelson Mandela, head of the African National Congress, is jailed.
  • FIFA Worldcup