Antebellum America

Timeline created by C Cordeiro
  • Northwest Ordinance

    All states above Northwest Ordinance (Ohio River) prohibited slavery.
  • Gradual emancipation in the North

    States in the North stated that slaves would be freed once they turned 28 for men 25 for women
  • Slave trade banned

  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri accepted as slave state. Maine accepted as free state. All lands above southern border of Missouri (except Missouri) to be free
  • Monroe doctrine

    Stated that the Western Hemispere was closed to further European expansion
  • Nullification Ordinance

    Tarrif of 1828 null in South Carolina.
    State courts forbidden from passing judgment on ordinance.
    If the US government chose to enforce tarrif, South Carolina would secede. Forced President Jackson to threaten force against South Carolina
  • Second Bank is made into private Corporation

    Jackson(despite efforts of Clay and Biddle) refuses to renew Bank's charter.
  • Specie Circular

    Determined that government lands be payed for in specie.
    Repealed in May 1838
  • Election of Polk

    Clay loses out to Polk due to his wavering position on the Texas annexation crisis.
  • Wilmot Proviso

    Called for the ban of the spread of slavery into former Mexican territories.
  • The Great Compromise

    Popular Sovreignity. California created.
  • Kansas-Nebraska act

    Popular Sovreignity adopted for Kansas and Nebraska to decide slavery or freedom