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Ansel Adams

  • Born in San Fransisco

    Born in San Fransisco
    Born to parents Charles and Olivia Adams, he was the only child and was named after his uncle Ansel Easton.
  • Period: to

    The Life of Ansel Adams

  • The Music Begins

    The Music Begins
    Music finally begins to interest him therefore Adams teaches himself how to play the piano.
  • Schools out!

    Schools out!
    Adams despised the regimentation of a regular education, and was taken out of school. For that year, his father buys him a season pass to the Panama-Pacific Exposition, which he visits nearly every day. Private tutors provide further instruction.
  • The Music Continues

    The Music Continues
    Adams studies the exhibits at the Panama Pacific International Exposition. Here, his interest in music becomes his main focus. He realized his photographic memory which helped him learn to read music.
  • Yosemeti National Park

    Yosemeti National Park
    While on a trip to the Yosemeti National Park, Adams father gave him his first introduction to the world of photography by giving him his first Kodak Brownie box camera.
  • Photographic skills developed

    Photographic skills developed
    Adams returned to the Yosemite National Park with a better camera and a tripod. He learned basic darkroom techniques and developed skills to photograph at high altitudes and under difficult weather conditions.
  • Sierra Club

    Sierra Club
    Adams joins the Sierra Club in order to preserve the natural world wonders and resources.
  • Contracts influenza

  • First photographs published

    First photographs published
  • Monolith

    Contracts first portfolio.
  • Wedding bells

    Wedding bells
    Adams marries Virginia Best.
  • Second Portfolio

    Second Portfolio
    This time Adams decided to do his portfolio with Mary Austin.
  • Dedication

    Becomes completely dedicated to photography after meeting photographer Paul Strand. Publishes Taos Pueblo.
  • Success!

    Adams has his first solo museum exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution. He had an exhibition of 60 prints.
  • F/64

    Becomes the Co-founder of this photography group
  • Grand Opening!

    Grand Opening!
    Opens his own gallery in San Francisco.
  • His First Book

    His First Book
    Publishes "Making a Photograph: An Introduction to Photography"
  • Tragedy

    His darkroom in Yosemite burns - and destroys 20 percent of his negatives.
  • Another book!

    Another book!
    Publishes "Sierra Nevada: The John Muir Trail."
  • Zone System of photography

    Develops Zone System of photography - a technique of exposure and development control. Publishes Michael and Anne in Yosemite Valley.
  • Guide to Yosemite Valley

    Guide to Yosemite Valley
    Recieves Guggenheim Fellowship to photograph national parks. Publishes Illustrated Guide to Yosemite Valley.
  • Polaroid Corporation

    Polaroid Corporation
    Becomes consultant for Polaroid Corporation
  • Period: to

    Published Several books

  • Death Valley

    Death Valley
  • These we inherit the parklands of Ameica

    These we inherit the parklands of Ameica
  • The Tetons and the Yellowtone

    The Tetons and the Yellowtone
  • Award

    Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Carter.
  • R.I.P

    Dies of heart failure aggravated by cancer