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Animal Farm

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    Animal Farm

  • The Old Major's Speech

    The Old Major's Speech
    The Old Major, old boar of Manor Farm, tells a dream that he had the previous night, of a world in which animals live without the tyranny of men: they are free, happy, well fed, and treated with dignity. Old Major also teaches the animals a song called '' Beasts of England'' which shows similarity to his dream.
  • The Seven Commandments

    The Seven Commandments
    After The Old Major dies , Napolean and Snow ball gather everyone to inscribe the seven commandments on the wall.
    THE SEVEN COMMANDMENTS Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
    Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.
    No animal shall wear clothes.
    No animal shall sleep in a bed.
    No animal shall drink alcohol.
    No animal shall kill any other animal.
    All animals are equal.
  • The Rebellion

    The Rebellion
    The animals are trying to turn old major's dream into a reality and unexpectedly take control of the farm by kicking Mr. Jones out. The farm will be run by the pigs named Snowball and Napolean.
  • Animal Farm Labor

    Animal Farm Labor
    As Mr. Jones get chased out of the farm , the animal community takes over and change it to The Animal Farm living Old Major's dream. Snowball and Napolean establishes jobs to the animals to give in labor to build Animal Farm to sucess. They also hold a flag ceremony on Sunday
  • Battle of Cowshed

    Battle of Cowshed
    Mr Jones comes back to reclaim his farm. This time, due to Snowball's plans, the animals are well prepared and are victorious!
  • The Windmill

    The Windmill
    Snowball suggest to build a windmill symbolises development and modernisation of the farm. It's beneficial because now they can get electricity, warmth, and storage space for their harvest.
  • The chasing of Snowball

    The chasing of Snowball
    Napolean's trained dogs chases Snowball out of the farm therefore to be the unchallenged leader. He plans to build the windmill later on.
  • The Trade with the Humans

    The pigs engage in trade on behalf of the farm because the animals realize they cannot be self-sufficient and have to depend on humans for some things. Every Monday Mr. Whymper visited the farm as had been arranged.
  • The Collapse of the Windmill

    The windmill collapses due to strong wind, and the thin walls. Therefore, pigs start living in the farmhouse and sleep on beds which means going against the seven commandments.
  • Trade + Execution + Rebuilding of the Windmill

    The Hen's rebellion --> Napoleon wants their eggs to trade with humans for other items.
    The execution of the animals who are thought to be plotting with Snowball to overthrow Napoleon
    - Animals rebuild the windmill
  • The Fallen of Animal Farm

    • animals start to rebuild the windmill
    • food is even more scarce but pigs still live in luxury
    • sale of Boxer to horse- slaughterer
    • Napoleon is president and Moses returns
  • The Destruction of the Windmill

    Frederick and his men attack the farm and destroy the windmill.
  • Animals and Humans

    • the Rebellion is a distant vague memory for most animals.
    • pigs start walking on legs like humans, and behave like humans
    • change in commandments:
    • 4 legs good, 2 legs better! -All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others
    • meeting with humans on the farm
    • ends with animals not being able to differentiate pigs from humans