Anigen timeline

By m622
  • richard bing is born

    richard bing is born
  • richard brother craig bing is born

  • richard bing founds his private heath company.

    richard bing founds his private company mupshock corp.
  • richard find the next "new" drug anigen.

  • richard renames his comany to anigen corparation

  • mathew billan is born

  • richard test markets anigen

  • Period: to

    anigen is tested

    anigen is tested pepole clam to see cartoons
    pepole clamed to see cartoons stalking them
    pepole start to go crazy
    all testers start to commit suicied
    anigen drug testing is canceled
  • mike lin is born

  • ricard is sued for ten million

    richard is sued for ten million by famylies of the testers for anigen
  • richard burns house of family of lawsuit.

  • Period: to

    richard "perfects" anigen by himself

  • mike joins anigen corp

  • mike reveal lawsuits

  • richard kidnapes mathew

    forcing him to aniggen all by him self
  • mathew creates mats mis advetues blog

  • mike revals drug testing on anigen

  • matt encouters finn

  • mike revals finding of anigen

  • mike revalds kidnapping of matt

    and tells how he kills richard using ous help
  • mattf finds mordcai

  • toons kill mat

  • endgame

  • mike reveals richard perfecting of anigen.

    and warns of mats death
  • matt encounters dipper