Andrew Salas and Matt O'Leary

  • Period: to

    Lewis is picked as commander of expedition

    Lewis was a major part of the expedition, and him being picked was the first event in their journey.
  • Expedition begins

    Expedition begins
    The beginning of the journey that created Western America as we know it today.
  • The only death

    The only death
    Charles floyd dies of a possible burst apendix near sioux city. This marked the only death on the entire trip
  • Attempt to flood a prarie dog hole to ship it back to Jefferson

    Attempt to flood a prarie dog hole to ship it back to Jefferson
    Prarie dogs had never been seen before, and it was decidedd as important that Jefferson see the new species. Essentially, drowning Prarie dogs in the name of science.
  • A new life

    A new life
    Sacagawea gives birth to a baby boy. This was the only birth on the journey, replacing the life of Charles Floyd
  • Family ties

    Family ties
    Sacagawea finds her borther, a chief of the Shoshone tribe. Lewis and Clark stay with the tribe for 2 weeks to rest and recover for the rest of their journey. Lewis and Clark needed horses tocontinue their expedition, and because Sacagawea found her brother, they got their horses
  • The expedition reaches the columbia river

    The expedition reaches the columbia river
    Lewis and Clark reach the Columbia River, which they think is the home stretch. They are in for an unpleasent suprise... Lewis and Clark got more excited from seeing the columbia river, and it helped them continue their journey
  • "Ocian in view! Oh the joy!

    "Ocian in view! Oh the joy!
    Lewis and clark think that they were about to see the pacific ocean, but they werent there yet... This was Lewis and Clark's biggest mistake in judgement, because they still had about 20 miles left
  • Settling in

    Settling in
    Lewis and Clark take a vote, and decide that they will go to the south side of the Columbia for the winter This was the first recorded time that women and blacks could vote
  • Fort Clatsop

    Fort Clatsop
    Fort Clatsop is given to the Clatsop tribe, and Lewis and Clark start the long journey home. This was the beginning of the end of the Lewis and Clark journey
  • Period: to

    Home Stretch

    with Missouri behind them, Lewis and Clark can cover about 70 miles a day. Also, they start to come in contact with American traders heading upriver. This was the first time Lewis and Clark have seen Americans since their journey started. It meant they were almost home
  • Period: to


    Lewis and Clark are treated as heroes for their journey. Everyone recieved double pay, and 320 acres of land, while captains recieve 1600 acres. Lewis and Clark did what not many others would do, and they are marked down in history for making their dangerous journey
  • Home sweet home

    Home sweet home
    Lewis and Clark reach St. Lewis. This marks the end of Lewis and Clark's long journey.