Andrew johnson

Andrew Johnson Timeline

  • Born in North Carolina

    Born in North Carolina
    Andrew Johnson was born to Jacob and Mary Johnson in December. He had two older siblings, William and Elizabeth. He was born into a very poor family. His birthplace was Raleigh NC.
  • Wife is Born

    Wife is Born
    Eliza McCardle Johnson was born on this date in Telford TN
  • His Father Dies

    His Father Dies
    Johnson's mother remarried this same year. She married Turner Daugherty.
  • Sold into Apprenticeship

    Sold into Apprenticeship
    Andrew Johnson's mom sold him and his brother William into slavery when he was 14. They were sold to a tailor. Andrew learned to love this craft.
  • Moves to Greenville

    Moves to Greenville
    He stayed here to wait for a job position to open up.
  • A. Johnson Tailor Shop Opens

    A. Johnson Tailor Shop Opens
    Andrew Johnson opened his own tailor shop when the town's previous tailor retired. His mom and stepdad were stopping in Greenville on their way to meet his brother. Andrew had sewn a suit for the man they were staying with. This man recommended Andrew stayed in town to take over once the old tailor retired.
  • Married to Eliza McCardle

    Married to Eliza McCardle
    He married Eliza McCardle in may when he was just 18 years and 137 days old. This makes him the president to get married at the youngest age.
  • First Child is Born

    First Child is Born
    Martha Johnson was born Johnson's first child. She served as the White House's hostess while her father was president. She later married David Patterson. She died July 10 1901.
  • Johnson's First Son

    Johnson's First Son
    Charles Johnson was Johnson's first son. He died by being thrown from a horse and suffering head injuries. He died on April 4,1863
  • Mary Johnson's Birth

    Mary Johnson's Birth
    Mary Johnson was known for how lighthearted she could be. She married Daniel Stover when she was 20. After he died she married William Brown, but divorced him after her parents death.
  • Robert Johnson is Next

    Robert Johnson is Next
    Robert Johnson was the youngest child for 18 years. During his Father's Presidency, he spent much time in a asylum. He died at the age of 35.
  • Unexpected Last Child

    Unexpected Last Child
    Andrew Johnson Jr. was the youngest by 18 years. When he was older he was a newspaper editor. He was the only Johnson son to get married, but his marriage was rough due to his tuberculosis and alcoholism.
  • Elected Vice President

    Elected Vice President
    Johnson was elected Vice President with Lincoln. They were from different political parties, so they were on the National Union Ballot. This was done as an attempt to restore peace between a mostly Democratic South and mostly Republican North.
  • Military Governor of Tennessee

    Military Governor of Tennessee
    Johnson served as millitary governor of Tennessee for three years.
  • President Lincoln Assassinated

    President Lincoln Assassinated
    On this night, John Wilkes Booth killed Abraham Lincoln. Johnson was Lincoln's Vice President during this time. Johnson was supposed to be assassinated the same night, but his would-be assassin, George Atzerodt, got drunk and didn't show up. Johnson was sworn into presidency the very next day
  • Johnson moves into the Whitehouse

    Johnson moves into the Whitehouse
    Johnson officially moved in on this day.
  • Mississippi Enacts a Black Code

    Mississippi Enacts a Black Code
    This code restricted blacks from their newly won rights. This was one of the most strict black codes produced.
  • First President to Receive a Visit from a Queen

    First President to Receive a Visit from a Queen
    Queen Emma of the Sandwich Island (now Hawai'i) visited Andrew Johnson to promote Hawai'i as an independent nation.
  • Johnson Vetoes the Civil Rights Act

    Johnson Vetoes the Civil Rights Act
    The Senate overrides Johnson's veto on April 6. Three days later, the House of Representatives also overrides the veto.
  • Tennessee Joins Union Again

    Tennessee Joins Union Again
    After the fourteenth amendment, Congress adds Tennessee to the Union again.
  • Fourteenth Amendment Passed

    Fourteenth Amendment Passed
    Congress passed the Fourteenth Amendment. It declared citizenship for all people born or naturalized in the United States. It also said that the states cannot deny life, liberty, or property.
  • Suspends secretary of war

    Suspends secretary of war
    Johnson suspended his sectary of war, Edwin Stanton
  • Congress Creates the Department of Education

    Congress Creates the Department of Education
    This was done so congress could collect information on schools and teachers to better school systems.
  • Alaska Purchased

    Alaska Purchased
    William Seward signed a treaty with Russia where he purchased Alaska for 7 million dollars. The price was about two cents an acre, but people thought it was foolish. They called this purchase "Seward's Folly", "Seward's Icebox", and "Johnson's Polar Bear Garden."
  • Buying the Midway Islands

    Buying the Midway Islands
    Johnson helped the US gain possession of the Midway Islands in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Johnson is Impeached

    Johnson is Impeached
    Johnson was impeached for betraying the Tenure of Office Act. This Act forbade the president from firing a member of his cabinet. Johnson broke this by firing Edwin M. Stanton, who was secretary of war at the time. At his impeachment trial, the votes were tied. Edmund Andros, also a democrat, had yet to vote. He knew that having Johnson impeached was the right thing to do, but it would put an end to his political career. He voted in favor of Johnson’s impeachment.
  • Congress Abolishes Manufacture's Tax

    Congress Abolishes Manufacture's Tax
  • First President to Serve in Senate After Presidency

    First President to Serve in Senate After Presidency
    Johnson gained his seat in US Senate in 1875. He could only serve for four months before he died
  • Death While Visiting His Daughter

    Death While Visiting His Daughter
    Johnson died in Elizabethtown Tennessee while visiting his daughter. He was experiencing health problems and died of a stroke. He was later buried in Andrew Johnson National Cemetery in Greenville Tennessee.
  • Wife Died

    Wife Died
    Eliza McCardle Johnson died on this date in Greeneville TN