An American View of my Family History

By shmrry
  • 1st Congressional Congress 1705

    1st Congressional Congress 1705
    John Connally Virginia born 1705
  • American Revolution

    American Revolution
    Abraham McCains Pennsylvania B. 1782
  • Maryland 1783

    Maryland 1783
    George Silvers Maryland 1783
  • Boone co. Missouri

    Boone co. Missouri
    George Silver Missouri 1887
  • John Chisholm McCaskill

    John Chisholm McCaskill
    Missouri 1887
  • Columbia Missouri

    Columbia Missouri
    John W. Jennings (Grandfather)
  • Boone co, Missouri

    Boone co, Missouri
    H. H. Jennings
  • Seymore Texas Thurmond Conley

    Seymore Texas Thurmond Conley
    Family between Dallas and Austin, Texas. The people have left their home and connections in South Texas, and hope to reach the Arkansas Delta for work in the cotton fields. Penniless people. No food and three gallons of gas in the tank. The father is trying to repair a tire. Three children. Father says, "It's tough but life's tough anyway you take it"
  • Thurmond Conley

    Thurmond Conley
    Japanese POW Camp