american revoultion

By 69117
  • the french and indan war

    a battle betwen the french(paired up with the indains) vs. the british
  • Period: to

    seven year war

  • townshed acts

    a sereis of taxesw includeing the shugar act made to rase funds for the war debt
  • the tea act

    a tax on tea part of the townshed acts
  • proclimation of 1763

    a document stating that the apalatchon mnts was the border
  • the quartering act

    an act stating that all cicins had to keep souldes in your home
  • stamp act

    a tax on stamps also part of the town shed acts
  • boston massacar

    a riot lead ing to the death of five men and boys in the streats of boston
  • the boston tea party

    angered by the tea tax a group of colonists diumped tea into the harbor
  • intolerable acts

    the responce to the boston tea party clowsing the harbor until the tea was payed for
  • battle of lexington and concord

    the first battle of the revoultion also the first american victory