American Revolution Timeline

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    American Revolution Timeline

  • The Beginning of the Enlightenment

    It started orginally in the 18th century, but the idea of the Enlightenment started in the 1600's. The Enlightenment was also known as The Age of Reasons and that was a way of reforming society through science.
  • The French Indian War

    This war was happening between British and French, but the Native Americans joined because they felt that the Britsh were taking over their land. So, they fought for what were their. I also lasted for 7 years.
  • The Sugar Act

    This Act was passed by British Parliament and it was used to raise fund.
  • TheTea Act

    This Act was passed by Parliament Bristishhe in East India Coast and it forced others to go to the company and buy tea.
  • The Boston Tea Party

    A celebration of three men going onto a ship and bringing back 10,000 pounds of tea, and was gla that they didnt have to be froce to buy it from the East India Company.
  • Thomas Paine publishes Common Sense

    Thomas Paine publishes Common Sense because he wanted to American colonists to break apart from the British rules and start a rally.
  • Declaration of Independence

    It was written by Thomas Jefferson and one thing it stated that Great britain were no longer apart of Bristish Empire.
  • Treaty of Paris

    It was a traty that was signed to ended the war between Great Britian and United of American.