American Revolution

  • Period: to

    Foundation of the thirteen English colonies

  • Journey of the Pilgrim Fathers

    From Plymouth (England) on board the Mayflower
  • Arrival of the Pilgrim Fathers to Massachussetts

    Foundation of the first English colony
  • End of the Seven Years War

    England wants its colonies to help pay off the debt
    of the war
  • Stamp Act

    Protest against it
  • Boston Tea Party

    45 tons of tea were dumped into the sea. Americans closed
    the port of Boston to trade and suspended the local government in Massachussets
  • First Congress

    50 delegates, representing the 13 colonies, met in Philadelphia at the first
    Congress of the colonial representatives. G. Washington guides the Continental Army.
  • Period: to

    American war of Independence

  • Signature of the Declaration of Independence

  • Battle of Saratoga

  • Treaty of Paris

  • Ratification of the Constitution

  • George Washington

    First president of the USA