American Revolution

  • Navigation Acts of 1651

    Navigation Acts of 1651
    The Navigation Acts of 1651 prevented colonists from selling their most valuable good to any other country than Britian, which included a high tax rate on imported goods from France and The Netherlands.
  • French and Indian War (1754-1763)

    French and Indian War (1754-1763)
    The French and Indian war was the result of the French and Britian fighting over the colonizing of North America. The battles ended in 1763, where Britian emerged victorious, seizing all of French-claimed land.
  • Stamp Act (1765)

    Stamp Act (1765)
    A law passed by Parliament, stating colonists were to pay high taxes on printed matierial. This outraged Americans.
  • Boston Tea Party of 1773

    Boston Tea Party of 1773
    The Boston Tea Party was a protest on the import of tea where people dumped bags of tea into the Boston Harbor. This angered George III who ordered his British troops to close the ports of Boston.
  • First Continental Party (1774)

    First Continental Party (1774)
    The First Continental Party was the result of every colony in the new world (who were enimies of the Brittish) gathering in Phillidelphia to protest against Britian.
  • Battle of Lexington

    Battle of Lexington
    The Battle of Lexington was a battle that took place in Massachusetts where thye Brittish and Americans fought under the command of George Washington. This was said to be the beginning of The American Revolution.
  • 2nd Continental Congress and Declaration of Independence

    2nd Continental Congress and Declaration of Independence
    The Second Continental Congress issued the Declaration of Independence, which was written by Thomas Jefferson. This was based on the ideas of peace and Enlightment, atating "all men are created equal".
  • French join The Americans

    French join The Americans
    After the ideas of the American Revolution had spread, Louis XVI was eager to end the rivals between Britian, and decided to combine forces with the Americans. The Americans had won their independence.