• Period: to

    American revolutions

  • Stamp act

    Tax on the british colonies to pay off britians war debt.
  • Gaspee Affair

    A british boat was taken over by colonists all goods were stolen and the boat was torched this was a significant event leading up to the revolutionary war.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Action by colonists in disgust to britsh taxation without representation.
  • Coercive Acts

    Series of laws passed by british and imposed on colonies they were issued in response too the tea party and other rebelious actions by the colonists.
  • Period: to

    First continental congress

  • First continental congress

    all the deligets from 12 colines united to stand up against Great Britain
  • Commitees of Correspndence established

    Shadow goverments run in the thirteen colonies the night before the american revolution. Big reason behind first continental congress.
  • Battle of lexington and Concord

    First fight in revolutionary war was secret too most.
  • Second continental congress

    Was goverment during the war. Succeded the first continental congress.
  • Battle of bunker hill

    British won but lost lots of people seen as more of a loss then gain for attacking and taking the hil.
  • Olive Branch petition

    Peace offering to the king which was denied and then was the cause for the proclamation of rebellion.
  • Proclamation for suppressing Rebellion and sedition

    the document states that any person who rebels and or fight against the british will being given severe penaltys
  • Common sense published

    Written by Thomas Paine about the colonies arguement as to why they should resent british rule.
  • British evacuate boston

    British being forced out of boston after losing several battles.
  • Declaration of independence

    Signing of all the colonists stating the thirteen states are equal and now their own country and is giving them rights and freedoms.
  • Paul revere's ride

    Around midnight on april 26 1777 paul revere road to most of the colonies to spread the word to get ready to fight the british.