American music's influence on Australian culture

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  • Johnny O'Keefe

    In the 1950's, Johnny O'Keefe's music strongly influenced Australian music.
  • Pop Dominated the whole first half of the 50's

    The whole first half of the 50's was dominated by popular music or "classic pop"/
  • Period: to

    American music's influence on Australian culture

  • Lee Gordon's "Big Show" Tours

    American-born entrepreneur Lee Gordon, who arrived in Australia in 1953, played a key role in establishing the popularity of rock & roll with his famous "Big Show" tours, which brought to Australia many leading American rock'n'roll acts including Bill Haley & His Comets, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly & The Crickets and Jerry Lee Lewis.
  • "Rock Around The Clock", Bill Haley released

    American Bill Haley's hit song Rock Around the Clock swept Australia, and the airwaves were soon full of other American acts like Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly.
  • Pubs closing time went from 6pm to 10pm

    Pubs closing time went from 6pm to 10pm
    The closing time of pubs was extended by the Government from 6pm to 10pm to allow more rock and roll bands to play at Aussie venues in NSW
  • Television introduced, American teen playlists very popular

  • "The Wild One" became #1

    "The Wild One" became #1
    Johnny O'Keefe's single named "The Wild One" became #1 on the Australian charts. He was the first Aussie rock star to have such a hit.
  • Little Eva releases "The Loco-Motion"

    This song was released by Kylie Minogue in 1988, entering her into the world-wide stage.
  • Beatles tour Australia

    Beatles tour Australia
    The Fab Four finaly made it all the way down under ( just after writing "Hard days night" )and were greeted at the airport by 1000 screaming fans and 100 journalists.
  • Sunbury Music Festival Starts

    Sunbury Music Festival Starts
    This was not the first huge music festival in Australia. But the nature of the festival likened it to Woodstock alot. It attracted the likes of some 30,000 people. it was held on a private property on the outskirts of Melbourne. Line-ups included home-grown acts such as Skyhooks, Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, Sherbet, Daddy Cool and Captain Matchbox; with international guests like Queen and Deep Purple headlining
  • "Its Time" Was released

    "Its Time"  Was released
    This song was used to help get the Whitlam Governemt into power.
  • AC/DC Forms

    AC/DC Forms
    These Incredibly Famous Rapscaliaians became one of the highest grossing bands of all time.
  • The Skyhooks released " Living in the 70's"

    The Skyhooks released " Living in the 70's"
    This was a rather controversial album andsome of the tracks were band on comercial radio. It spent 16 weeks at the top of the Australian album charts from late February 1975 ( i know there is a gap, its because it took a while for Australia to catch on)
  • Countdown was Aired for the first time

    Countdown was Aired for the first time
    for you who havent seen countdown...your missing out. Countdown was a show that aired some of the biggest acts in the country and from around the world. It was what the youth of the day watched.
  • Period: to

    Disco Emerged

    disco Emerged in america and found its way over to australia Via "KC and the Sunshine Band" and "The Bee Gees"
  • JJJ Sarted Broadcasting

    JJJ Sarted Broadcasting
    It was originaly called 2JJ but then changd its name. 2JJ commenced broadcasting on 19 January 1975, The First song broacasted from this station was the banned " You just like me, coz im good in bed" by the Skyhooks.
  • The Saints, Single release.

    The Saints, Single release.
    These guys were some of the founders of punk music in Austraila. they released the single "(I'm) Stranded" and it had mixed reviews. The Saints were the biggest contender with the USA's Ramones.
  • Little River Band's USA sucess.

    Little River Band's USA sucess.
    The Little river band was the first australisn artist to hit a gold Record in the USA ( over 500 000 sales)
  • Madonna and Michael Jackson

    The music by huge pop stars, Madonna and Michael Jackson changed Australian pop music culture with songs nearly always being based around love
  • Men at Work's "Down Under"

    This single was very popular, not just in Australia but worldwide.
  • Pub Rock

    Pub Rock
    The early 80's music scene was greatly dominated by Pub Rock, pub owner's, generally in there early 20's would get bands to play to attract a crowd and become renowned for a place to see live music. Bands that grew to their current status through pubs are AC/DC, INXS, Midnight Oil, Hunters and Collectors and the Radiators.
  • First annual ARIA music awards

    The first annual ARIA Music Awards were held in 1987. John Farnham and Crowded House were the most successful artists at the event.
  • Silverchair formed 1992

    Silverchair formed 1992
    Heavily influenced by the emerging grunge scene in the US (mainly dominated by Nirvana) was alternative grunge band Silverchair who formed in 1992. They were signed by Murmer records in 1994 after their demo was released and topped the Triple J charts. (exact date unspecified)
  • Big Day Out established

    Big Day Out established
    Australian music festival Big Day out was established in 1992, and hosted it's first show with the main headliners Nirvana and Violent Femmes. It began as a Sydney only show, but from 1994 it began to include Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane, and in 1993 Adelaide was included as well.
  • Kurt Cobain's Death

    When Nirvana's, Kurt Cobain died grunge music became very popular in Australian music culture with bands such as Silverchair at the top of the charts.
  • Indie Rock

    Indie Rock
    Indie Rock was starting to make it's way onto the Australian music scene in the 90's with bands like Ratcat and Hoodoo Gurus.
  • Garage Rock

    From the 2000's onwards, bands such as The Strokes and The White Stripes started a huge garage rock trend with bands such as Jet, Wolfmother and The Vines gaining international success.
  • Girl died in 2001 moshpit at Big Day Out fesitval

    Girl died in 2001 moshpit at Big Day Out fesitval
    Jessia Michalik was in a moshpit to the band Limp Bizkit, and was crushed to a serious condition, and was rushed to hospital. She died of an asphyxiation in the hospital 5 days after the festival. Grinspoon played at her funeral, and a minute of silence is condoned at every BDO festival since, in memory of her.