American Music Through the Ages

By Aegean
  • The start of American Music

    This was the day when American music was invented!
  • Spiritual Music

    This was the beginning of the Spiritual Music from African Americans in slavery.
  • Wartime Music

    This was the Music of the War, which is when musicians wrote songs of patriotism and wartime.
  • Philharmonic

    This was the creation the Philharmonic, which is the nation’s first and oldest symphony orchestra.
  • The Symphoney

    This was the day the first American symphony was founded
  • Record Deals

    This was when Columbia Records was founded as one of the nation’s major record companies.
  • Ragtime

    This was the Ragtime Craze, it flew across the nation into the Southern states.
  • Jazz

    This was the official date of the Birth of Jazz in America.
  • Blues

    This was the date of the birth of blues.
  • National Jazz

    This was when Jazz when spread throughout the nation and became very popular.
  • Julliard

    April 18th, 1924 was the opening of the Julliard Performing Arts School in New York City
  • The Swing

    This was when “ the Swing” was introduced
  • Rock N' Roll

    This was when “ The King” or otherwise known as Elvis Presley became one of the first major rockstars.
  • The Beatles

    This was when the Beatles began to tour, was at the height of their fame, and changed music
  • Hippies

    August 15th, 1969 was when the famous hippie gathering known as “ Woodstock ” was held
  • Disco

    January 1st, 1977 was the mark of the 70’s disco and Saturday Night Fever
  • Hip Hop

    This was the start of Hip Hop
  • MTV

    This was when MTV first aired on television
  • Michael Jackson

    This was when Michael Jackson, The King Of Pop, released his album “Thriller”
  • CDs

    This was when the compact disc, or CD’s were released into the public
  • West and East Coast Hip Hop

    This was when the rivalry of the East coast and the West coast hip hop
  • Free music

    This was when internet and free music was available
  • Ipods

    This was when the Ipod was created