American History B Unit 1 session 2

  • Red scare

    Congress acted and denied acess too suspected anarchists.Suspicions about foreighners spilled over in the Red scare of 1919-1920 many were arrested for real or imagined revountairly.
  • Immigration restriction act

    During the 20th cenntury the increasing amount of the immigrants coming to America .It was mainly in California where they were going.
  • Emergency quota law

    This act was to limit the numbers of immigrants to the United States based on where you werre born.It was passed because of the governments official decision and families.The quotat act didn't didn't apply to all countries with agreements with U.S on immirgration
  • World War 1

    Immigratorss payed more attention to the new commers from Southern and Eastern Europe.They tried there best to slow the flood by impoising a literacy test on those who entered the U.S. They overcomed Wilson's veto in 1917.
  • Social issues

    this law was passed to stop gap measure until the immigration matter could be more studied and a new law made.
  • Immigration Act

    This law was revised from the Emergency quota act