American history A

By 2106863
  • The 15th Amendment

    The 15th Amendment gave african americans the right to vote. this was passed by congress in feb. 261869 but was sighn by the president in Feb. 3 1970
  • The completion of the Panama Canal

    the canal of panama is a ship passage that conect the pasific with the red sea. it started in 1880 and was finished in 1914. it is used for easy trading.
  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

    Franz Ferdinand was the duke of Astria hungry he was assassinated by a sibieran student. this officialy lead lead to WWI
  • U.S. entry into WWI

    the U.S. got involved because germany keept on sinking trading ships. and also because Germany sent a telegram to Mexico saying that it would help them bet ther land back. but the british intercepted the zemerman telegram and gave it to the U.S.
  • The 19th Amendment

    this gave the women the right to vote. it passed by congress in june 4 1919 but passed by the president in Agust 18 1920
  • Treaty of Versailles

    this treay said that germany was gulty and that they had to pay all the damage that happen in WWI . This treaty was no sighned by the U.S. this lead to germany falling under hitlers command and to WWII
  • Hitler invades Poland

    the invasion of polland lasted a month and a week . it started in sep.1 1939 and ende in october 6, 1939. this officaly became known as the begining of WWII
  • Japan bombs Pearl Harbor

    japan bombed Pearl Harbor in hope that the U.S. army would get damage but insted it made them made and thats what brought the U.S into the WWII
  • Executive order 9066

    this oreder was sighn by FDR ,,, it gave orders to the japs, that they will be setting up camps in special ares during WWII. thi lead to AJAs witch were camps that japs. were held in
  • U.S. drops first Atomic bomb in Japan

    The U.S. droped the bomb on herosima as aresult of ther bombing on Peral Harbor. that bomb was 2,000 times stronger than the bomb used at that time.
  • U.S. drops second Atomic bomb in Japan

    The U.S droped this bomb for the same reason that they did the first one. But they did intesionaly also because it was one of the biggest towns in japan. they were supposed to be safe.
  • First U.S. military advisors were sent into Vietnam

    america sent the advisor to clam tensions in vietnam , but cuba sent missels and increas the tensions in the cold war.
  • March on Washington

    march on washington was march for African Americans wright to work and freedom . they wanted no sgregation. this was lead by MLK and this was know ware he gave his famous i have a dream speach.
  • John F. Kennedy assassinated

    JFK was assaniated during a parade in Dallas Texas. He was shot once in the left shoulder near the heart and then in the head on the right side. they still have not found his real assasin.
  • First combat troops sent to Vietnam

    the first troops that were sent ,were under the presidancy of jonson. They were sent to defend the south part of Vietname they were agants china and russia.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated

    MLK was assanated in Memphis TN on the blcony of his hotle. the wond was found between his jaw and neck. he was pronounced dead at 7:05
  • Vietnam War ends

    The South of Nam fell to the power of North Nam. in 76 the North took over the South and they Becam one together agin .
  • Period: to

    U.S. supports Afghanistan from invasion of the Soviet Union

    during the cold war the soviet union invaded afghanistan. so afghanistan ask the U.S. for help. Saudi Arabia, The United Kingdom, Pakistan, Israel, Indonesia and China also helped.
  • U.N. resolution 678

    this is like a treaty made by the UN. it was the final warrniing givin to iraq to leave Kuwait. iraq did not fallow so thats why the U.N invaded Kuwait.
  • U.N. begins bombing against Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait

    the U.N bombed Iraqu to get them out of kuwait. this lead to the gulf war... the UN. lead by theUS got Iraqu out because they were taking over Kuwiat oil.
  • U.N. declares victory in the Persian Gulf War

    in january 16 the U.S sent a masive air strike on iraq that at that time were in kuwait. 4 days later they pushed iraq out of kuwait. in feb 289 president bush orderd a seas fire and officaly claimed victory.