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  • Queen Anne's war

    Queen Anne's war
    IN 1701 there was a war called Queen Anne's war
  • U.S capital

    in 1800 the capital of USA is moved from Philadelphia to Washington D.C
  • Period: to

    civil war

    in 1861 there was a civil war that divided America into 2 states that called North-America and South-America
  • pearl harbour

    pearl harbour
    in 1941 pearl harbour was attacked by japanese aircraft and mini-subs
  • 9.11

    Two planes was hijacked by terrorist's, and crashed into twin towers.
  • barack Obama

    barack Obama
    in 2009 in 20. january Barack Obama become president in America and ended in 20. january 2017
  • thursday

    local man paralyzed after eating 413 chicken nuggets