amercian revolutiontimline

  • Protest of Stamp Act

    When the Stamp Act was used the colonists made petitions in protests, harrased officers, caused property damage, and even refused to pay the taxes.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Dressing up as mohawk indians, the "sons of liberty" dump what can fill three ships or fourty-five tons of tea into the boston harbor.
  • Quebec Act

    This act restroded the french cival law,was less strict on religiousrestrictions,and it prevented Quebecfromjoining the thirteen colonies.
  • Second Continental Congress

    Continental Congress met to establish there melitia as there continental army and to have Geoerge Washington as the commander in cheif.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    Threw spies the patriots hear that the british plan to attack and so the patriots send 1600 to the hill to fight. The patriots are against 2600 british troops as well as there ships that fire at them. Two out of the three charges, the patriots were able to stand there ground. At the third they were forced to retreat. The patriots killed 226 british and wounded 828, but the britis still gained control of Breed's hill.
  • George Washington Appointed General

    George Washington was appointed general of the Continental army for the hopes that he could further unite the colonies, as well as his military expierences.
  • Olive Branch Petition

    John Dickinson wrote the Olive branch petition as an attempt to reseve rights for the colonist but at the same time keep loyalty to the british king. But King George refused to read the petition
  • British Evcaute Boston

    John Thomas lead 800 soldiers and 1200 workers to Dorchester heights. The British planed to use there ships to help fight against the patriots but the storm helped the patriots set up for war. British had to retreat to Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • British Pulled out of Virginia