allie's french and indian war timeline

  • Fort necessity

    Fort necessity
    Fort necessity was the site of the opening action of the French and Indian War in the summer of 1754. It was important because it was where the beginning of the war was seen.
  • Lake George

    Lake George
    The battle of Lake George was a campaign by the British to expel the French
  • war declared

    war declared
    The war was declared on May 8th 1756. It was important because it made the war official.
  • French take Ft. Oswego

    French take Ft. Oswego
    French commander Montcalm takes a fort, but is horrified to discover that his Indian allies kill wounded soldiers, take scalps, and make slaves captive.
  • Massacre at ft. William Henry

    Massacre at ft. William Henry
    Following surrender of British and colonial garrison to Montcalm ( who promised safe passage back to England), Indians killed 185 and took 310 British captive.
  • Battle of Quiberon Bay

    Battle of Quiberon Bay
    British victory restricted French Navy's to resupply forces in Canada.
  • battle of Havana

    battle of Havana
    As Spain enters the war as a French ally, it suffers defeats from British naval forces.
  • Battle of Quebec

    Battle of Quebec
    During the battle of Quebec British forces siezed Quebec in a dramatic uphill attack. This battle was important because the British commander Gen. Wolfe was killed.
  • treaty of paris

    treaty of paris
    France gives up claims to all of its North American possessions. All land west of the Mississippi and New Orleans goes to Spain. All land east of the Mississippi River and Canda goes to England.
  • Battle of fort Henry

    Battle of fort Henry
    At 12:00 noon on February 6, while Grant's infantry was still approaching the fort overland, Foote's powerful flotilla steamed upriver, firing rapidly into the open fort. The courageous defenders returned the fire when the approaching gunboats were still a mile distant, but the Rebels were severly outgunned, and the Union fire knocked one Rebel cannon after another out of action. After two hours of furious cannon fire, and with only four cannon still operating, Tilghman had done all that honor d