ALFREDO LUIS SOMOZA, journalist and writer from Argentina

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In History
  • Birth

    He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • He left Argentina

    Persecuted by Argentinian military dictatorship, he left his country with the help of Cardinal Bergoglio, today Pope Francesco
  • Arrival in Italy

    He arrived in Italy and obtained the refugee status
  • Radio journalist

    Radio journalist
    He worked as journalist for "Radio Popolare Milano"
  • Residence permit

    He got the residence permit in Italy
  • Researcher at "CESPI" in Milan

    Researcher at "CESPI" in Milan
    He conducted a research at the "CESPI" in Milan about the international cocaine traffic
  • Radio journalist

    Radio journalist
    He worked as a journalist for a radio broadcast about Italian tourism
  • AITR (Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile)

    AITR (Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile)
    He founded a famous italian tourist association

    He is part of the founders of HEART, an association that deals with Tourism and European hospitality
  • His blog ""

    His blog ""
    He created his blog "" that deals with globalization themes
  • Meeting with Pope Bergoglio

    Meeting with  Pope Bergoglio
    He met Pope Bergoglio
  • Today

    Today he takes part in important events concerning world problems
  • Period: to

    From director to president of "ICEI" in Milan

    For 7 years he was a director and then in 2003 he became president of the "ICEI" in Milan