Alfonso X "el Sabio"

  • Nov 23, 1221

    alfonso el sabio

    He borned 23-11-1221 and he lived 63 years.
  • Oct 10, 1240

    He married first time

    So, in 1240, he married Maior Guillen de Guzman, He married 10 years.
  • Oct 10, 1249

    He married

    In 1249, Alfonso X married Violante of Aragon, the daughter of King James I of Aragon and Yolande of Hungary, although betrothed already in 1246. At the same time he also had a romantic relationship with Sofia Mayor Guillén de Guzmán, who bore to him illegitimate daughter Beatrice.
  • Oct 10, 1254

    He was duke of Aquitaine

    n 1254 Alfonso X signed a treaty of alliance with the King of England and Duke of Aquitaine, Henry III, supporting him in the war against Louis IX of France. In the same year Alfonso's sister, Eleanor of Castile, married Henry's heir to the throne, Edward: with this act Alfonso renounced forever all claim to the Duchy of Gascony, to which Castile had been a pretender since the marriage of Alfonso VIII of Castile with Eleanor of England and Gascony.
  • Oct 10, 1256

    He was king

    In 1256, at the death of William II of Holland, Alfonso's descent from the Hohenstaufen through his mother, a daughter of the emperor Philip of Swabia, gave him a claim to represent the Swabian line. Alfonso's election as King of the Romans by the imperial prince-electors misled him into complicate schemes that involved excessive expense but never took effect. His rival, Richard of Cornwall, went to Germany and here was also crowned in 1257 at Aachen
  • Oct 10, 1273

    he created the mesta

    In 1273, he created the Mesta, an association of some 3,000 petty and great sheep holders in Castile, in reaction to less wool being exported from the traditional sites in England
  • Oct 10, 1273


    Reconciliation was bought by Alfonso's son Ferdinand in 1273.