Alexandr Lerner - Shoah Project

By bnodvin
  • Period: to

    Alexandr Lerner's WWII Experience

  • Alexandr Lerner's Birth

  • Herman Lerner's Birth (Brother)

  • Hitler Rose to Power

  • Period: to

    "The Bad Times"

  • Germany Occupies Czechoslovakia

    and establishes the Preotectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
  • Alexandr Recieves Journal

    Father found an empty, unused journal inside the ghetto.
  • WWII Starts

  • Period: to

    War Time

  • Czech Jews Banned: Working in transport, commerce, ads, banking

  • Czech Jews Banned: Working as doctors, vets, lawyers

  • Czech Jews Ordered: Wear Yello Star

  • Navis decide to turn Terezin into a ghetto named: Theresienstadt

  • Deported To Theresienstadt

  • Yaffa & Aaron: Death

    Resist doing work; beaten to death by S.S. Officers
  • Alexandr & Herman: Deported To Auschwitz

  • Alexandr's Death

    Gassed in Auchwitz, alone.
  • Alexandr's Journal Discovered

    Discovered by Herman
  • Auschwitz Liberated