AHS7 Real Madrid

  • founding of Real Madrid C.F.

    founding of Real Madrid C.F.
    founded as Madrid Football Club
  • New presidancy

    New presidancy
    Santiago bernabeu yeste becake the real madrid president in 1945,under his command the club,staduim and training facilities were rebuilt after the spanish civil war
  • The Galacticos Era

    The Galacticos Era
    the club made it a priority to buy all-star players,the singings of Luis Figo,David Beckham and zinedine zidane were just a few players that launched madrid back into the spot light
  • start of a new beginning(debt cleared)

    start of a new beginning(debt cleared)
    the sale of training grounds for office buildings cleared the clubs 270m euro debt and enabled tthe club to go on a major spending spree that changed the face of the club
  • florentino perez

    florentino perez
    elected as club president and vowed to erase clubs debt of 270 million euros and modernize the club
  • Most valuable?

    Most valuable?
    by september 2007,real madrid was considered the most valuable football brand in europe and second most expensive after Manchester United.
  • CR7 world record buy 2009

    CR7 world record buy 2009
    the club broke its old record for the highest transfer fee ever paid by buying Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United for 80 million euros
  • Theme Park

    Theme Park
    Real Madrids management announced plans to open its own theme park in 2013
  • Gareth Bale(new Ronaldo?)

    Gareth Bale(new Ronaldo?)
    in september of 2013 real madrid broke the world record again by buyig the spurs gareth bale for 91 million euros.Many say that this buying is a mistake but with bale scoring in his first for the whites,it seems like his futue with the greatest club in the world will be bright.
  • record revenue 2007-2010

    record revenue 2007-2010
    Real Madrid had recorded a revenue of 401 million euros over the 4 year period,ranking first