Age Of Revolution 4th period

  • William Blackstone

    Commentaries on the Laws of England. Two 14- Lecture seris. "Private Wrongs" and " Public Wrongs"
  • Thomas Hobbs

    Hobbes wrote the Leviathen. He said that all people are wicked and selfish, He belived in a social contract. It was an agreement with the government that gave the government total control.
  • Mary Wollstonecraft

    She belived in speaking out for women's rights, she also belived that a women's education wasn't second to a man's, and she thought that women could enter the work force as doctors or go in polities.
  • The Purtians and Cromwell

    Cromwell was a generalitte, He captured the king in1647. He put the king on trail in1649, and he removes the House of Lords and the Monsrchy, He banned laws that he thoughgt were sinful, and he was tolerate of every religion but Catholic.
  • John Locke

    He Learned from experience. Governing own Affairs. Self Government. Belived in Free and equal. Power from People.
  • Charles -louis Montesquieu and Spirt of laws

    He Studied political liberty. He wanted balanced power. He belived in Checks and balances.He Wrote Spirt Of The Laws
  • Thomas Jefferson

    He wrote the Declaration of Independence. He had a presidental affair with Sally Hemings. He had belived religious freedom and the value of knowledge, He was also the third president of the U.S.
  • American Bill of Rights And Constitution

    the Constitution was wrote on September 17,1787. 9 of the 13 states had approved of the constitiution. It also includes the Bill Of Rights. The Bill Of Rights are the first 10 Amendments of the constitution.
  • Articles of confederation

    They were passed in 1787.They did not have enough power, they did not have the ability to tax people, It was the First form of checks and balances. It was a federal system
  • French Declaration of rights if man and the Citizen

    Rights of men. Mirrored Declaration of independence. It was Liberty,Equality, and Fraternity.