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African Slave Trade Timeline

By mmarmon
  • Dutch took control

    Dutch took control
    Dutch founded the Cape Town Colony
  • British

    Cape town came under British control
  • Independent

    Boers established two independent states and followed a policy of aparthied
  • Period: to

    Discovery of Diamonds

    The discovery of diamonds attracted prospectors and settlers from the United States, Australia, and Eastern Europe
  • George Harrison

    George Harrison
    George Harrison, an Australian prospector discovered gold in Witwatersrand Main Reef
  • Union of South Africa

    Union of South Africa
    The British colony became the union of South Africa
  • Afrikaner Nationalist Party

    Afrikaner Nationalist Party
    Aparthied became the offcial policy of South Africa under the rule of the Afrikaner Nationalist Party
  • The United States and Great Britan

    The United States and Great Britan
    The United States and Great Britan agreed to impose economic sanctions
  • Willem De Klerk

    Willem De Klerk
    Willem De Klerk, a white South African who opposed aparthied laws became president
  • Voting

    A new constitution gave adults the right to vote
  • Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela
    Nelson Mandela was elected president, served one five- year term and retired.