Afghanistan Timeline

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In History
  • Zahir Shah becomes king

    Zahir Shah becomes king, "in 1933, the year Baba was born and the year Zahir Shah began his forty-year reign of Afghanistan"(24), in result of his reign Ali became a servant.
  • soviet alliance with Afghanistan

    Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev agrees to help Afghanistan, and the two countries become close allies.
  • Taliban taking control

    the Taliban statry=t making new and strict laws/protocols that deny the citizens most of their rights and traditions. For example, women had to be fully covered and coulf=d not receive an education also, "a few weeks later, the Taliban banned kite fighting. And two more years later, in 1998, they massacred the Harazans in Mazar-i-sharif"(213), the Taliban is being unreasonable and controlling now.
  • The Prime Minister Khan overthrows the last king

    The Prime Minister Khan overthrows the last king, Mohammed Zahir Shah, in a military coup. Khan’s regime, the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan, comes to power. Khan abolishes the monarchy and names himself president.
  • refugees flee (amir and Baba)

    many refugees flee Afghanistan as a result of harsh laws, "complain about the curfew to the butcher and next thing you knew, you were behind bars...he was taking us to Jalalabad...who had a big truck wit a second convoy of refugees" (111 and 113), Kabul was no longer safe because the laws were strict and everyone was against each other.
  • The U.S., Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Soviet Union sign peace

    The U.S., Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Soviet Union sign peace accords in Geneva guaranteeing Afghan independence and the withdrawal of 100,000 Soviet troops. Following Soviet withdrawal, the Mujahadeen continue their resistance against the Soviet-backed regime of communist president Dr. Mohammad Najibullah, who had been elected president of the puppet Soviet state in 1986. Afghan guerrillas name Sibhatullah Mojadidi as head of their exiled government.
  • The arrival of the Taliban

    When the Taliban first came to Afghanistan the people were happy, " I told you how we all celebrated in 1996 when the Taliban rolled in and put an end to the daily fighting"(213), the people thought the Taliban would bring peace.
  • Taliban becomes recognized as the legitimate rulers

    Taliban becomes recognized as the legitimate rulers by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and control about two-thirds of the country.
  • America bombs Afghanistan

    The Taliban participates in many attacks on the US but then surrendered "soon after the attacks, America bombed Afghanistan, the northern alliance moved in, and the Taliban scurried like rats into the caves" (362), the Taliban stops.
  • parliamentary elections

    The nation holds its first parliamentary elections in more than 30 years.