Afghan History

  • Period: to


  • President of the Coup

    Mohammed Daoud Khan declares himself president in a coup against king Mohammed Zahir Shah.
  • Mariam leaves

    Mariam leaves the kolba and travels to Herat.
  • Nana

    Nana commits suicide.
  • Mariam

    Mariam marries Rasheed.
  • Mariam Suffers

    Mariam suffers from a miscarriage.
  • Death of a President

    Military loyal to PDPA kill President Mohammed Doud Khan and his family.
  • A New President

    The leader of PDPA Nur Mohammed Taraki declares himeself president of Afghanistan.
  • Rebellion

    A rebellion against new Afghan government begins in Nuristan government.
  • Laila

    Laila is born.
  • A Treaty

    A treaty was signed which permitted deployment of soviet military at the Afghan governments request.
  • Soviets

    Soviets invade Afghanistan.
  • Soviets

    Soviets leave Afghanistan
  • Murder of a President

    Taraki was murdered by Prime Minister Hafizullah Amin's supporters.
  • Soviets

    Soviet army invades Afghanistan
  • Soviets Occupy

    Soviet troops occupy Kabul and execute Prime Minister Amin.
  • Tariq

    Tariq loses his leg due to stepping on a land mine.
  • Jalil Dies

  • Geneva Accords

    Soviets sign Geneva Accords which includes a time table for withdrawing their troops.
  • Soviets are Gone

    The last of the Soviet troops leave the country.
  • Civil

    Civil war begins in Afghanistan.
  • New Accord

    Afghan political parties sign the Peshawar Accords and declare Sibghatullah Mojaddedi it's interim president. At the same time massive bombardment against Kabul begins.
  • Dead Parents

    Laila's parents are killed.
  • Marriage

    Laila marries Rasheed
  • President Take Over

    Burhanuddin Rabbani took over as president.
  • Expirement of a Treaty

    Durand line treaty expires meaning all Afghan lands are supposed to be returned. Pakistan refuses to give up their land.
  • Aziza

    Aziza is born.
  • Attempted escape

    Laila and Mariam attempt to escape with Aziza but get caught.
  • Taliban

    Taliban government makes a small village.
  • Taliban Rises

    Taliban initates military campaign against Afghanistan and Kabul.
  • Murder of a Leader

    Taliban kill the leader of the Hazara people.
  • Retreat

    Islamic state retreats to northern Afghanistan.
  • Conquer of Kabul

    Taliban conquers Kabul and kills former President Mohammed Najibullah.
  • Another child

    Zalmai is born.
  • Into Exile

    Taliban captured Mazar-e Sharif forcing Abdul Rashid Dostum into exile.
  • United States Comes into Play

    Unites States joins in by firing cruise missles into Islamic training camps.
  • Titanic

    Summer of the Titanic
  • Orphanage

    Aziza is sent to the orphanage.
  • Tariq Returns

    Tariq returns the Kabul.
  • Death

    Mariam murders Rasheed.
  • Mariam

    Mariam is pubically executed.
  • Aziza returns

    Aziza is brought out og the orphanage and Laila, Tariq, Aziza, and Zalmai move to Pakistan.
  • 9/11

    Suicide bombing occurs that destories the twin towers, part of the pentagon, and takes many American lives.
  • Bush

    Bush demands the Taliban government to hand over al-Qaeda head, Osama bin laden after 9/11.
  • Refusal

    Taliban refuses due to lack of evidence against bin Laden.
  • Ariel Bombing

    US and UK begin ariel bombing campaign against al-Queda and the Taliban.
  • Security

    Internal Security Assistance Force helps maintain security in Afghanistan.
  • New Head of

    Hamid Karz becomes choosen head of Afghan Interim Administration.
  • Return to Kabul

    Laila and her family return to Kabul.
  • Head to President

    Hamid Karz is appointed president of Afghan Interim Administration in Kabul.
  • New Constitution

    A 502 delegate loya jirga was held to consider a new Afghan Constitution.