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Advancement of audio players.

  • Period: to

    Audio devices

  • Phonograph.

    Thomas Edison thought of a machine that could record and repeat his voice. Reproduced sound with tin foil cyllinders.
  • Gramaphone

    Was created by Alexander Gramham Bell in 1898. Produced sound with wax cyllinders.
  • Gramaphone Part 2

    Gramaphone Part 2
    Emile Berliner created a disk that rocorded sound. The disk was made of vinal material.
  • Radio.

    The first am radio is inventad and talk shows become public. They learn that music can be sent through the air to the public.
  • Wire recorder.

    Wire recorder.
    The machine pulls a wire along a magnet and it leaves a recording on the wire which can be replayed.
  • Reel-to-reel tapeMagnetic tape

    Reel-to-reel tapeMagnetic tape
    A new way to record music or movies.
  • Vinyl record

    Vinyl record
    The vinal disk was engraved with a stilis and it left marks that were in sync with the music.
  • Transistor radio.

    Transistor radio.
    A piocket sized radio that you could take anywhere.
  • cassette

    Cassettes come in two forms, either already containing content as a pre-recorded cassette, or as fully recordable "blank" cassette. The tape works like a wire recorder. The tape is magnetic.
  • Microcassette

    The micro cassette is a smaller sized cassette. The cassette can record up to thirdy minutes.
  • surround sound.

    surround sound.
    The speakers were placed in a place which made the sound more life like. The speakers were louder and bigger.
  • Walkman radio.

    Walkman radio.
    The first portable radio. The goliath of a portable player used cassettes.
  • compact disk.

    compact disk.
    The plastic and metal disks were recorded by lasers that in a word etched the music into the disk. The disks were magnetic like a cassette.
  • mini disk

    mini disk
    The mini version of a compact disk. For portable players.
  • digital age.

    digital age.
    Magnetic tape was thrown out and replaced with the digital age.
  • MP3

    The first digital player. The small machine used a computer to record music onto it. The music could be played back digitally.
  • DVD

    The disk could not just play music but also videos.
  • Super audio cd.

    Super audio cd.
    This cd could offer more playing time and better quality.
  • I pod

    I pod
    The Ipod is a music player that can hold tons of music. All the way from the Ipod nanp to the Ipod touch.
  • dual disk.

    dual disk.
    This disk had two sides. On the one there was a cd and on the other there was a dvd.