Adam Sandler

  • Birthday

    Adam was born in was born in Brooklyn, New York. He was born to Judy and Stanley Sandler.
  • Graduated from high school

    Graduated from high school
    Sandler graduated from Manchester Central High School in Manchester, New Hampshire. He then later attended college.
  • Period: to

    The Cosby Show

    Adam played Smitty on The Cosby Show. He was Theo Huxtable's friend.
  • Graduated from college

    Graduated from college
    Sandler attended New York University. He graduatedfrom the Tisch School of the Arts with a fine arts degree.
  • Period: to

    Saturday Night Live

    Adam Sandler on SNLSandler was originaly hired as a writer for SNL. He later became an actor on the show.
  • Happy Gilmore

    Happy Gilmore
    Adam Sandler plays Happy Gilmore in the movie. He is an aspiring ice hockey player who found an unique way of hitting a golf ball.
  • The Waterboy

    The Waterboy
    The WaterboySandler palyed Bobby Boucher in The Waterboy. Bobby was the waterboy who turned into a player after they found out he could tackle.
  • Big Daddy

    Big Daddy
    Big DaddySandler plays Sonny Koufax in the movie. He is a thirty-two -year-old bachelor who finds out he has a son.
  • The Longest Yard

    The Longest Yard
    Sandler played Paul Crewe. He was a former NFL player who is disgraced for screwing up in a big game.
  • Click

    Adam played Michael Newman in Click. He finds out a remote can control the entire universe.
  • Bedtime Stories

    Bedtime Stories
    Bedtime StoriesSandler plays Skeeter Bronson in Bedtime Stories. When his sister asks him to watch her kids he tells them bedtime stories which start to happen in his life.
  • Grown Ups

    Grown Ups
    Adam plays Lenny Feder in Grown Ups. Lenny and four of his friends and their familys rent a beach house and stay their together.
  • Zookeeper

    Sandler plays Donald the Monkey in Zookeeper. All of the animals are trying to keep their favorite zookeeper, Griffin, to stay and not leave them.
  • Jack and Jill

    Jack and Jill
    Sandler plays both Jack and Jill in this movie. Jack gets annoyed by his twin sister Jill comes home and will not leave.
  • That's My Boy

    That's My Boy
    That's My BoySandler plays Donny Berger in That's My Boy. He is a man who had a son when he was younger and shows up when his son is getting married so he can earn money.